Let Her Have Me Pt.1

when I didn’t have myself ; her words and her actions lead me to work on myself because how could I be low when everything I loved vibrated so highly. and like a dream I started flying , the plan began arriving , my goals started ten timesing and I elevated used what she showed me and graduated. But Realized through her that ima be what she hated . I got self control but in this world thats a lot to show and y’all know I like to show I like to glow I need my hoes I love them tho Nd that’s fasho. And you was koo with that ,

That bullshit that quick to empty always half full shit and I couldn’t be who brought u down

I got bitches who do drugs and love dick . Help a nigga get his money quick. I couldn’t have you with this shit .

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You got it , if it was easy everybody would do it ❤️